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award winning dance studio
award winning dance studio

Competitive Team

What is competitive dance?​
  • Competitive students train anywhere from 3+ hours a week.  Competitive dancing is an opportunity for students to participate in a group, duo/trio, or solo setting to showcase their talents on stage in front of a panel of judges. 

What is the commitment?
  • Competitive students are expected to train and compete in a minimum of 2-3 styles of dance. Younger students typically start training in Jazz or Ballet. Acro, Tap, Hip hop, Lyrical, and Musical Theatre are optional, but recommended. 

  • Technique classes are typically 45 minutes in length and choreography sessions are 30 minutes. Practice and rehearsals are scheduled throughout the week. 

  • The Just4Kicks Competitive Team will usually compete in 3-4 competitions each season. A competition weekend consists of all day Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday, with the slight possibility of a Thursday. The competition season runs during the months of March to May. Dancers will receive a list of competitions before Christmas and the schedule for the competitions comes about 2 weeks before the weekend in question.

  • There is a competitive dress rehearsal, aka "Showcase", that is held in late February/early March for the teams to have a dress rehearsal before competing.

  • All team members are expected to attend all technique and choreography classes, and must be available for all competitions. A J4K competitive dancer is also expected to participate in studio events such as parades and festivals.

Where are the competitions?

Frequently, the competitions are within the area of Hamilton/GTA/Niagara Falls. However, in the past, the competitive team has also travelled to Collingwood and Huntsville. 

Are there additional expenses to be on the competitive team? 

Yes, there are additional expenses to be on the competitive team including team jackets, costumes, competitive entrance fees, and occasionally hotels.

Interested in being a part of the J4K Competitive team? Send us an email at 

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